"Connie and Denise in the OR - no better personal one-on-one service than one can receive in the finest hospitals.  Connie and Denise were awesome.  My husband is 74 years old and both ladies were attentive to every need that he was experiencing and treated him with the utmost kindness and respect as if he was a gentleman of great nobility.  I, as well as my husband, appreciate everyone at the McDowell Hospital - I will now highly recommend McDowell Hospital as the hospital to seek medical services at."
-Agnes, OR Patient Wife-

"Renee Fender is friendly, nice, smiles all the time, and explains everything well."
-OR Patient-

"The surgical staff answered all the questions I had and they were all very friendly and made me feel comfortable.  I was pleased with my surgery and the way I was treated.  Thank you all!"
-OR Patient-

"I want to thank all of the OR staff for everything they did.  There are some people that I need to thank for their excellent care (ex: Surg Tech, etc) that I did not see due to anesthesia.  My experience at The McDowell Hospital was great!  THANK YOU TO THE OR TEAM AND ALL WHO WAS INVOLVED."
-OR Patient-

As posted in the McDowell Newspaper, June 28, 2011
"Thanks to EMS, hospital staff for help...
I would like to say thank you to the McDowell EMS and the doctors and nurses at the McDowell Hospital for their quick actions during my daughter's recent illness.  Dr. Weiner, Dr. Chung, the nurses, and respiratory therapist, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We are so blessed to have these fine people in our community."
-Betty Corbitt of Marion, EMS Patient Mother-

"Amy H. had elbow surgery by Dr. Green.  I have personally taken care of her on two visits.  On her 1st visit, she made several comments about how well she had been taken care of at TMH.  She also made very nice comments about the staff in this office and said the girls up front were genuinely concerned about her.  On her second visit, she made more comments about her care.  How we had been so nice to her.  She was very pleased with her overall experience.  She was also considering sending a letter to the newspaper about our staff and her experience at McDowell Orthopedics.

Two other patients, George Miller and Pat Faulkner, made comments about not having to come back to our office to be seen. They no longer need to return on a regular basis, and they are actually sad about it. They have very much appreciated their care in this office and had looked forward to each of their visits. They had very positive comments to say about their appointments."
-Terri Willm

"Thank you all for being too good to me.  Just found out I was diabetic with my sugar at 820 when I entered the hospital.  Thank you so much."
-Kathleen, Patient-

We have felt sad all weekend that no one recognized you and your crew for the great gathering on Saturday. But since we didn't, we want to thank you especially, and to your crew, for all your hard work.  Food was great and the band was wonderful.
Thanks again to you, Ruth and Andrea for a super celebration.
Today is my 5th anniversary of diagnosis and still cancer free.  Thanks for all.
Love you,"
-Ken and Nona-

"Dear Ms. Greck:

Our mother, Ruth Miller, recently died.  Across the past few years, she sometimes required hospitalization at your facility.  We wish to express our appreciation to you and all the hospital staff who served to meet her needs during these times of physical challenge.

While providing her with the medical care that she required, the medical staff was always eager to see that the concerns of the family were addressed, as well. Compassion, professionalism, and kindness characterized their work.

This was illustrated wonderfully during her last stay at the hospital.  The staff demonstrated extraordinary kindness in making every effort to see that patient care was the priority and, additionally, that the emotional and physical needs of the family were met.  A special thanks to Dr. Mark Burton who was the "doctor on call" Sunday evening in the absence of Dr. Edward St. Bernard, mother's regular doctor.  Sharing the results of several tests, Dr. Burton assisted us in making the best decision for mother's care.

The courtesy food cart was an extra extension of your compassionate service.

Please know that we remain grateful to you for the service McDowell Hospital and its employees have provided us across the years and, especially, during our mother's transition into the presence of the Lord.

God bless you as you continue to serve the needs of the people.

-Judy Banks, daughter-
-Nancy Owen, daughter-

"Chris (Labor & Delivery Nurse) - thanks so much for all your help.  You stayed with us throughout it all.  You're the best.  All the people who helped in the c-section too!  Dr. Ginn, you're awesome.  Dr. Moore, you too!  Thanks so much to all the nurses; I can't remember all the names (you know who you are).  Thank you!"
-Kylie (and Jon), Labor and Delivery Patient-