"To Dr. Andrea Moore, Robin Walsh and Amber Biddix:
These three women are awesome and very professional in their line of work.  McDowell Hospital should feel very lucky to have such a professional staff.  Thanks for everything."

As posted in the McDowell Newspaper:
"Thanks to hospital for quality care...
This letter to the editor is directed to the staff of The McDowell Hospital.  Thank you for the excellent quality of care, kindness and attention given to my father, Paul Richardson, during his recent stay in the hospital.  In addition to comforting him in the hospital, this care helped him get well enough to return home to be with his family."
-Ron Richardson of Old Fort, Patient Son-

"Denise was particularly helpful and caring after the procedure, as when she read my blood sugar and noticing it was low, brought me a soft drink and muffin."

"Dr. McKenzie was wonderful.  I forgot their names but the two nurses were great - our RN that day and the lady who tried to give my son his medicine before his surgery were wonderful.  [I'm] very pleased."
-Father of Surgery Patient-

As posted in the McDowell Newspaper:
"Thank you for treating our mom...
I am writing to thank the ICU nurses and respiratory therapists at The McDowell Hospital for the awesome care and compassion they gave our mom while she was in the ICU unit for two weeks.  She was so sick and every day we had to face another challenge but they always would tell us what they were doing and also talk to her while they were working with her so she would know, even though most of the time she was not able to hear them.

They let us stay by her side 24 hours a day.  Having nurses and therapists that care and are concerned meant a lot to us as a family.  When the doctor told us that there was nothing else they could do, that her little body was tired and worn out, they felt our hurt and pain.  She had one nurse that called her her little diamond and on a good day she stuck her tongue out at the respiratory therapist (our buddy).  When our mom (Mimi) went to be with the Lord that Saturday night, the nurses cried with us.  I just want to say thank you to the ICU nurses and therapists for everything you did for our Mimi and for the food cart you fixed us and the blankets and pillows you gave us at night.

Thank you all, we will never ever forget what you have done for Mimi and all of us."
-Alice Freeman and the Freeman family-

"Just a note to say, Thank You for helping me with things. You [Shirley Silver] are very good at your job.  I [feel] like I'm blessed by having people in health care that take time to help.  I pray that God will bless you and your family. Thank you"
-Mark, McDowell Family Physicians Patient-

"To Labor & Delivery,
This experience was by far the BEST experience a mother could ask for.  I had every doctor & nurse at my side when things didn't go as planned.  They are by far the best I've ever seen.  This is the best delivery I've had out of three deliveries and the best hospital out of two hospitals."
-Melissa, Labor and Delivery Patient-

"Dear L&D,
All of the nurses were outstanding.  I was very happy with everyone; the whole staff are very excellent.  I loved that they made fresh coffee just for me & were very helpful, very informative and pleasant."
-Labor and Delivery Patient-

"All of the Labor and Delivery nurses were very hard working and were here for everything we and the baby needed.  I appreciate everything."
-Heather, Labor and Delivery Patient-

"[McDowell Surgical] thank you all so very much for helping me return to being healthy and able to function. With gratitude."
-Lisa, Surgical Patient-