"I found the Mammogram Department, and especially Cinda, was very helpful and friendly to me.  The Mammogram Department also corrected the mistake that was made on my name. Cinda was especially caring and understanding.  She explained everything she was doing.  I really give this department high marks."
-Mammogram Patient-

"I had always heard, "Never go to the McD. Hosp."  In Dec 2007 a doctor in your ER saved my life when I threw a clot that clogged my heart.  Even then, your hospital personnel worked with me to pay bill - I had no insurance or a job...My doctors are in Asheville so instead of having to go all the way to Mission, I decided not to go there, but here for my colon scan. I was actually treated better here than I was in 2009 at Mission.  I give thanks for all who were involved in my visit this time.  They were absolutely wonderful - may God continue to bless your staff."
-Carol, ER Patient -

"Rhonda in Radiology is always VERY polite and courteous.  She makes me as a patient feel comfortable in the hospital environment and has always answered my questions thoroughly."
-Radiology Patient-

"Not only did I receive excellent and considerate care but there were several people coming and going during my time there and I noticed they received the same care - there was no difference in care noticed..."

"Rehab Department-
A patient, Buck -- just gave me the biggest compliment on you ALL! He said you all were the most professional and nicest group of people! He has had PT elsewhere and sees the difference you all make! He went on and on about everyone here.  You ALL are the best!

I too feel grateful to be working with each of you. Congrats and THANK  YOU!"

Dianne D. Sorensen, PT
Director of Rehabilitation Services
McDowell Hospital/YMCA

"These folks were WONDERFUL to me.  I couldn't ask for any better care.  I feel they all deserve special commendation."
-Med/Surg. Patient-

"Nurse Cresta went out of her way to calm my fears and stayed on top of my pain."
-ICU Patient-

"To Whom It May Concern:
I visited McDowell Hospital ER with my 7 year old on Thursday, October 22, 2009.  He had fallen out of a tree at our house and was complaining with pain.  I was by myself because my husband was out of town.  I was terrified.  I checked him in and we didn't wait 15 minutes.  Darrin Helton was the triage nurse. He was so reassuring and open, even talking to my husband on the phone.  He took us to a room where April (didn't catch her last name) came in.  She was so wonderful with ---, my son.  She told him everything that she was doing and why.  The doctor was Eric (didn't catch his name either). He was also wonderful with him and helped me not to second guess myself with the ER visit.  ---- needed some x-rays as well as a CT scan.  He needed an IV contrast.  April came in and again explained everything that was happening.  She would even tell him when she was opening a package and what was in it.  She was so easy with the IV; he didn't even bruise.  It turned out that everything was okay, thank God, but he was just a little sore for the next couple of days.  The treatment we received in the emergency room was so welcoming.  I appreciate all that Darrin, April and Eric did.

Thank you so much"
-ER Patient-