Benefits of Volunteering

The first and foremost “benefit” of volunteering is the incredible feeling one gets from lending a helping hand!  Doesn’t it feel good to help?  Our goal at McDowell is to provide opportunities for volunteers to “know” they are making a difference.

Other incentives of volunteering might include:

  • New and lasting friendships with other volunteers and staff
  • Firsthand experience working in a hospital
  • Involvement in an important community service
  • Enhanced job skills and resume

Other McDowell benefits for our volunteers:

  • Free annual flu vaccine
  • Free McDowell meal (for every 4 hour shift)
  • Free Volunteer Uniform
  • Volunteer Newsletter
  • McDowell Hospital newsletters
  • Invitations to special events
  • Educational opportunities
  • Annual award and recognition events

Ready to get started?  Go to the GET STARTED tab and find out more info.