Your Healthcare Team

The medical and support personnel at McDowell Hospital operate as a community of colleagues sharing one important goal…providing the best care for our patients. You are an important member of the team, with an active role in your treatment and recovery. We are neighbors working together to create a healthy community.

The health care team at McDowell Hospital includes many different people performing a wide range of medical services. Staff members wear official name tags so you’ll be able to identify us. Please feel free to approach any staff member if you need something or have a question. Remember these tips:

  • Write down all your questions so you’re prepared to talk with your doctor or nurse
  • Never hesitate to express your concerns; we can’t help make your stay as successful as possible if you don’t share your thoughts and concerns

Introduction to the Team

Your diagnosis and the services you’ll need at McDowell Hospital determine your team members. We’d like to briefly introduce the team so that you’ll have a better understanding of the role they play in your health care.

The Medical Staff

The physician who admits you to the hospital is responsible for your care, and coordinates all of your treatment, while you’re in the hospital. You should talk to this doctor if you have any questions about your diagnosis, treatment or recovery. If your doctor determines it’s necessary, physicians from a variety of specialties work at McDowell Hospital to meet your medical needs. Follow this link to a directory of our medical staff.

The Nursing Staff

McDowell Hospital supports your treatment with 24-hour nursing care. Our team includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nurse assistants. Many of our nurses are qualified with additional certifications in diverse areas.

The nursing unit director is the manager of your unit, carrying overall responsibility for its operation. If you have questions about your care, or if you have a compliment, please ask for your unit supervisor.

Hospital Chaplains

Spiritual and emotional support contributes to your health and recovery. McDowell Hospital has chaplains available to meet with patients and their families, regardless of their faith or religious tradition. Any time you need support, no matter what time of day or night, a chaplain can be called. Ask your nurse to contact the chaplain, or dial 0 for the operator and ask to see the chaplain on call. You may also request a bible from your nurse; they’re available in English and Spanish.

We welcome your priest, minister or rabbi to visit while you’re here, but please realize that we will not automatically notify them when you are hospitalized. The Healthcare Information Portability and Accessibility Act of 1996 prohibits hospital staff from releasing information about our patients. Additionally, if you choose to be a “No Information” patient, we will not list your name and room number in the hospital directory. This means that if someone calls, we won’t be able to connect them to your room. Please let anyone who may want to contact you know that you’re in the hospital and give them your room number.

Discharge Planners

McDowell Hospital’s discharge planners are medical social workers trained to help with any emotional, social or financial problem related to your condition. Their services include counseling, information, referral and discharge planning. They will contact you prior to discharge, but if you need help at any time, ask your nurse to contact the Discharge Planner.

While many members of the health care team participate in your in-patient treatment, discharge planners focus on the care you’ll need once you leave the hospital. Whether that means a ride home, help with meals, home health care, medical equipment, rehabilitative care or out-patient treatment, our discharge planners make sure you have proper information and that supports are in place. Count on their knowledge about community resources, such as Meals on Wheels, and their ability to connect you with people and services in the community to sustain your ongoing health and recovery.

Business Office

A representative from the McDowell Hospital Business Office is available to answer questions about your hospital bill, our billing procedures, and to help with financial assistance if needed. The “Guide to Patient and Visitor Services Handbook” should be available in your room and you may find the answers to your billing questions in the “Financial Arrangements/Billing” section of that handbook. Otherwise, feel free to call the Business Office at 828-766-1725 and we’ll gladly provide information or answer questions.

Medical Professionals

Pharmacists: Located on site to make sure you receive the correct medication and to verify that all medications work together with your diet, medical condition and other medications you may be taking.

Phlebotomists: Trained to draw samples of your blood as requested by your physician for testing in the laboratory.

Physical Therapists: Certified to assess problems and implement many different types of therapy and exercises designed to prevent injury, maximize movement, eliminate or reduce pain, increase strength, and improve overall functioning. 

Respiratory Therapists: Certified professionals trained to treat patients with breathing problems or other cardiopulmonary disorders.

Dietitian or Diet Technician: Ensure you’re receiving the diet appropriate for your medical condition and treatment; our dietitians also work with you to recommend diets for health and healing.

Housekeeping Staff

Dedicated to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment, our housekeeping staff will clean your room daily, but if you find any housekeeping problems, please tell your nurse right away so that it can be quickly fixed.


The volunteers at McDowell Hospital serve many essential roles that make your stay as comfortable as possible. They are here for you—they serve in waiting areas, deliver mail and flowers, help visitors find their way and will be happy to get anything you might need from our Branches Gift Shop.

Behind-the-Scenes Staff

Your health care team includes people you may never meet, but who contribute to your care by ensuring smooth operations throughout the hospital. The McDowell team would not be complete without accountants, engineers, secretaries, food service workers, administrators and many other behind-the-scenes staff members.